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Vantage Point By The Artis Group


Consist of using evidence practices such as Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT) to identify, explore, and process irrational thought and, belief systems that
create and sustain problems. Therapist and client collaborative work together seeking ways to
effectively problem solve, build coping skills and resiliencies, while identifying strengths and
looking for exceptions to the problem.

consists of identifying problems within the family or
couple unit that create points of tension while seeking to create shared meaning to the
problem and identify individual and shared goals. Family therapy can consist of working to
reorganize hierarchies within the family system, analyze and build upon allegiances, while
minimizing hostility. Couples therapy can consist of developing healthy boundaries, analyzing
how family history and or trauma infuse themselves into the narrative of the couple. In
addition, working to increase healthy sense of self and minimize enmeshment that can keep the
couple locked in self-serving patterns and inhibit emotional growth and healthy

designed for highly motivated individuals who may need “check-in”
services that aids in keeping the person accountable, motivated, and prepared for life
transitions. Coaching services are therapeutic in nature, however in-depth processing of the
client’s inner/subjective world would be more consistent with individual therapy counseling.

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